Plan B Kit


Confused how to use? The ESCAPE book has everything you need.

Developed by 4TAC5 the ‘Plan B’ is a Fast Track Counter Custody Kit that can be donned or removed in seconds so it can be carried & concealed
on your person, regardless of what you are wearing. It is also very comfortable to wear so you’ll easily forget that you’re wearing it (passive).
Full access to the tools is possible if you are restrained to the front or rear and need to put ‘Plan B’ into action!


GO-TUBE IWB STRAP 2.0 featuring shock-cord strap for inside waistband carry & concealment, hanger cap with heat shrink retention and end cap
reinforced with an acrylic disc. It is lightweight, airtight, waterproof/mildew-proof with silent operation.

UBER GULAG SHIM 3.0 with stainless steel split ring installed on shock-cord waist strap with silicon retainers
for access when restrained to the front or rear.

T200 HIGH SPEED FRICTION SAW developed by the 4TAC5 Mobile Training Team, SERE and CAC Instructors.
The overall length, size of the foot-loops and the addition of a plastic feeder allow for this tool to be quickly deployed and used
immediately to defeat non-metallic restraints should you be restrained to the front or rear.

SAD-TOOL 3.0 (Special Activities Development Tool) designed to defeat various handcuffs and restraints
from around the world. Can also be used to open basic padlocks.

COMBINATION PADLOCK BYPASS TOOL This is probably the smallest bypass tool for Covert Method of Entry (CME) in the world.
Designed for carry and concealment this tool can be used to quickly open common Combination Padlocks such as the Master Lock 178D
without the need for the set combination. Simply insert the tip of the tool into the left side of wheel #2 at a slight angle and then
push down (images to follow soon). Some padlocks require the shackle to be depressed and released and others can be pulled open
once as you push down on the tool. The tool material is marine grade 316 stainless steel.

ANHUA HANDCUFF ESCAPE KEYThe AHEK works just like a key to operate the HC-01W and HC-19W handcuffs when single or double-locked.
The keys are double-ended and knurled for easy operation. Just insert into key-way and turn clockwise if single-locked and anti-clockwise
if double-locked. The key can be attached to the APEK with our R Clip (not included), stored inside the Plan B or hidden on your person elsewhere.

ACRYLIC SIGNAL MIRROR DISC (peel off protective film before use)

MICRO STRIKER BEAD TUNGSTEN CARBIDE (installed on shock-cord waist strap). Measuring just 6.75mm x 3.25mm this is our smallest glass beaker
for tempered glass windows. Using the Mohs scale, which is used to test hardness, the score achieved by tungsten carbide is 9.
To put this into context, the only thing that has a higher score than tungsten carbide is a diamond, which manages to score a rating of 10.
As the old saying goes it takes a diamond to cut a diamond but it also takes a diamond to cut tungsten carbide. With a mineral hardness of 9.0 MOHS
the MSB-TC will break tempered glass windows with very little effort.

MICRO LIGHT STICK 1.5 inch mini chemical light sticks will glow green for 4hrs once activated.

DARBY TUBE push ‘n pull to open vintage handcuffs that feature a threaded key-way.

HAIR-GRIP can be used to replicate the function of the SAD-Tool and advanced escape techniques.

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