Escape Handbook


Goes with the Plan B Kit!


Show me, don’t tell me…

There are almost 200 pictures in this handbook that shown you how to use components from the Fast Track Counter Custody Kit (FT-CCK)
to accelerate the progress of escape using methods which provides for more rapid results than usual.

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own…

As you progress through the book you will find this is the only kit you need for Escape!

All ‘fast track’ tools require little or no preparation before use; however, you should anticipate that at any stage you will be deprived of or cease
to have or retain your manufactured escape tools and this is when your skills, knowledge and understanding will be fully utilised to deal
with the restraints and confinement using improvised tools and the counter custody methods shown in this handbook.

You will also be shown how to carry and conceal the kit to encourage a carry habit to form whilst allowing for easy access when restrained
to the front or rear.

Hostage-takers do not exercise a duty of care…

We don’t just train to escape! In a capivity environment the ability to adjust or remove your restraints at a time of your choosing to minimise
injury, improve your comfort and conditions cannot be overstated.

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